When You Don’t Feel like Doing Anything: I’m Not Lazy. I’m on Energy Saving Mode.

With repetitive routines and hustle culture, it’s only natural to feel burnt out and mentally exhausted. Sadly, this lethargic feeling doesn’t go away easily. However, I want to tell you that you aren’t alone, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for feeling this way. Dancing Snail, who has dealt with depression and lethargy for many years, conveys this idea in her book,I’m Not Lazy. I’m on Energy Saving Mode.

Yearning for Home While I’m at Home: A Lesson on Perspectives

In Yearning for Home While I’m at Home, Ra-Bin Kwon tells us that people have different appearances, personalities, quirks, and thoughts. If we want to be accepted and respected in the long run, we need to understand that others may have other perspectives and think differently. So let's be open to learning what makes people unique!

A Little Star Still Shines Brightly: What to Do When You’ve Done Nothing for a Day

In A Little Star Still Shines Brightly, So Yun teaches us that the life we lived and the day we spent aren’t meaningless. Instead, we should remember that we’re brilliant. We’re like stars that brighten up the night sky, and one lazy day won’t define us or diminish our shine! So take every day one step at a time, and don't forget that you're brilliant!

Soo-Hyun Kim’s I Decided to Live as Me: A Checklist to Living as Our True Selves

Soo-hyun Kim’s I Decided to Live as Me is surely a must-read for anyone who struggles with the “adulting process” or those who are looking to start their journey toward self-acceptance and happiness. This book has something to offer to anyone, regardless of age, race, or gender. Through having an open mind and giving the effort needed to change, only then can we finally be ourselves. 

I never expected it to be this good!!

It really hits you to the core 💕 My initial reason of buying this is because it was spotted that Jungkook was actually reading this and I thought of buying it and read it as well. Never regretted the decision 🥰 Also, thank you for the swift transaction, Apopbooks!