Top 3 Book Recommendations for Valentine's Day

💘 Happy Valentine’s Day, Chingus! 💘 Are you feeling the love in the air, or are you one of those people who decided to celebrate being single? 

This February is all about love: love for yourself, love for your significant other, and just love. To honor this love month, we wanna talk about our top book recommendations that can help you navigate this special emotion. 😍

[#RapplerReads] Books to help you build self-love this Valentine’s Day

Because you don't really need a lover to be a lover


Enjoying Life through Small but Certain Happiness: You Can Wind Down From Time to Time

In You Can Wind Down from Time to Time, Dan Kim mentions how much they love the small but certain happiness found in the present rather than looking to what the future holds. And I agree with this completely. Rather than focusing too much on the future, we should always make time to enjoy the present. One of the best ways to do that is to think about your favorite things before actually doing them! With these small things, we can enjoy life a little bit more.

When You Don’t Feel like Doing Anything: I’m Not Lazy. I’m on Energy Saving Mode.

With repetitive routines and hustle culture, it’s only natural to feel burnt out and mentally exhausted. Sadly, this lethargic feeling doesn’t go away easily. However, I want to tell you that you aren’t alone, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for feeling this way. Dancing Snail, who has dealt with depression and lethargy for many years, conveys this idea in her book,I’m Not Lazy. I’m on Energy Saving Mode.

I never expected it to be this good!!

It really hits you to the core 💕 My initial reason of buying this is because it was spotted that Jungkook was actually reading this and I thought of buying it and read it as well. Never regretted the decision 🥰 Also, thank you for the swift transaction, Apopbooks!