Every Moment Was You

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ISBN:  978-971-508-902-9
Written by: Tae- Wan Ha
Translated by Maria Kristina Carla Rico & Kyungmin Bae
Published: 2018 (original), 2021 (English Translation)
Language: English
272 pages | 500 grams | 6 by 7.5 inches


The Korean best-selling title since 2018 and the winner of the 2018 YES 24 Book of the Year Award, that encourages us to celebrate our ordinary life and love in every moment, Every Moment Was You, is finally available in English!

✨ Captured the hearts of more than 500,000 readers in South Korea.
✨ As seen on the popular K-Drama, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.
✨ Adapted into a musical, webtoon, and web novel.
✨Translated and exported to China, Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand!

“I’m not sure whether you’re faithfully praying to forget painful yet splendid times or you prefer holding onto the memories for long. Because everyone has a distinctive way to move past experience to memory lane. Anyhow, I tell you that having such moments alone already makes your life so wonderful”

- Tae-wan Ha

Tae-wan ha, the bestselling author from South Korea, does not want to be limited to one emotion and moment only.  He wrote this book while thinking about the greatest moments of his life and hopes that the reader will do the same too.

“Think about your precious moments with someone that has become your every moment. It doesn’t need to be an ongoing love. Even if your love ended, that person you parted with can still mean a lot more than all your past, present, and event future moments.”

He hopes that this book will be a valuable gift to you who wants to unfold the future moments of your lives with a stronger heart. He hopes that the stories from this book give you comfort and consolation when you cannot sleep on a tiring night.

The author writes to reach as many people as possible with a wider range of emotions. It may be a support for love, and for others, relatable and comforting words after a breakup. But most importantly, heartwarming and a kick into reality type of advice for the future. He believes in the power of all of these writings, no matter how long or short they are.

He hopes that each emotion you feel with this book will lead you to moments of the comfort of life and love.