Hello Chingus! It’s been a whole month since ARMY day and the end of ARMY Festa. 🙁

I’m so sad that it’s all over. In fact, let me say that ARMY is really great. I’m sure by now youre all aware of Apop’s biggest project and release yet! 

Yes, Apop, in partnership with Big Hit Music, released the Filipino Edition of Beyond The Story: 10-Year Record of BTS


You heard me right! We really did get to release the Filipino version (not English, chingus) alongside 23 different countries that released their own version. Truly, this was a momentous moment for both Apop and PEARL ARMY. 

But just exactly how did we celebrate ARMY Day and this launch? Well, let’s rewind and time-travel back to July 9, 2023!

1. Apop x NBS - Quantum Skyview - Gateway

The first event we got a chance to be a part of took place in the newly opened Quantum Skyview at Gateway Mall, Cubao. 

(Credits: National Book Store)

This event started at 7 a.m. and was the start of Apop’s mall hop tour! This event was launched by National Book Store and fans were able to get their copies of the Filipino Edition here! Aside from this book, fans were able to get copies of other BTS merch, including Vogue magazines and fan-made books. Pair these with official Beyond The Story posters, I would say good deal na yan!

Furthermore, Apop had a small segment hosted by the lovely Yam Tolentino, a storyteller for Adarna House and a Kpop stan since the pandemic. In this segment, the audience got a chance to learn more about the story behind-the-scenes with Ms. Bernalyn Sastrillo, Mr. Oliver Quintana, and Ms. Kyung Min Bae. 

But this wasn't the last event we popped up in for the day.


2. ARMY YAH PH - Robinsons Manila

Next stop, Robinsons Manila for Apop gave a surprise visit to members of ARMY YAH PH at Robinsons Manila! And here, I’m sure our team was surprised by the many gifts of ARMY and their laughter at the stories we had to tell about the book and its creation!

What’s really great about this event in particular was their donation drive, which we honestly thought was very sweet of ARMY to do! 


3. Titas of BTS and ARMY Connect PH - Vertis North

Next, we visited our favorite titas at the Midtown Atrium of Ayala Vertis North for their event titled “Pearl ARMY Festa: Take 2”! And Grabe, ang bongga ng mga titas natin, for not only did they have multiple stalls in the PEARL ARMY bazaar, but we also celebrated the book’s launch with a glass of champagne!

(Credits: Decisive Moments PH)

This event, hosted by Titas of BTS and ARMY Connect PH, also served as the unveiling of the ARMY Glow-Up 2025 Campaign. This campaign asks ARMY to dedicate the next two years to self-improvement in hopes of creating “a better ARMY for BTS” by 2025, which is the expected time for the group’s reunion. And what a great goal this is! After all, wouldn’t we want to show our favorite boys that just like them, we are learning to love ourselves too?


4. BTS Philippines - Glorietta Activity Center

We then moved right back to the south and visited the Glorietta Activity Center where we were welcomed by BTS Philippines in their event “A Decade of BTS.” I gotta say though, ang daming budol din dito! 

(Credits: BTS Philippines)

This event had so much to offer! Not only did we see dance presentations, BTS Philippines prepared so many games and prizes for fellow ARMY! I gotta say, I’m quite jealous of all the raffle winners!  Truly, what a fun event!

And that was a wrap, chingus! To everyone who attended these events, thank you so much for coming! It really means a lot to us to see how much love and support the Filipino edition of Beyond The Story: 10-Year Record of BTS has gotten these last few days!

Shoutout as well to our amazing translation and editing team for working with us at Apop and for making this book, this dream, a reality!

So show me how you all spent ARMY day, Chingus! We at Apop always love hearing about your experiences and stories, especially when it comes to books that we made! 

Now, off to work again for us at Apop. We have so many big projects and new releases coming up, so buckle in your seatbelts. Because the best is yet to come! 💜