A Little Star Still Shines Brightly by So Yun: A Book That All Young Adults Need

So, what makes this book’s words so special? Well, it’s because of So Yun’s ability to illustrate how we may feel through analogies, such as love being compared to diving into deep waters, that they are able to connect with readers, especially those who struggle in verbalizing these ideas by themselves. Overall, this makes the book more appealing and relatable to the audience!

Soo-Hyun Kim’s I Decided to Live as Me: A Checklist to Living as Our True Selves

Soo-hyun Kim’s I Decided to Live as Me is surely a must-read for anyone who struggles with the “adulting process” or those who are looking to start their journey toward self-acceptance and happiness. This book has something to offer to anyone, regardless of age, race, or gender. Through having an open mind and giving the effort needed to change, only then can we finally be ourselves. 

Why You Should Read "I Decided To Live As Me"

What is the book I Decided To Live As Me all about? discover the bits and pieces of yourself that are not all desirable. Kim Soo Hyun tells in I Decided To Live As Me that “Without imitating or envying someone else’s life, this book talks about how we can recognize and love who we are.” -HANNA TAMONDONG

Comforting Reads from Apop Collection

" If there's one thing the pandemic hasn't changed, it's books. Then and now, we can enjoy them the same way and soak up the author’s words, wherever we may be." - SHAI LAGARDE, GMA News

I never expected it to be this good!!

It really hits you to the core 💕 My initial reason of buying this is because it was spotted that Jungkook was actually reading this and I thought of buying it and read it as well. Never regretted the decision 🥰 Also, thank you for the swift transaction, Apopbooks!