When You Don’t Feel like Doing Anything: I’m Not Lazy. I’m on Energy Saving Mode.


Do you ever find yourself breaking down and feeling tired all the time? Have you ever felt so anxious about the future because you can’t seem to even get out of bed?

With repetitive routines and hustle culture, it’s only natural to feel burnt out and mentally exhausted. Sadly, this lethargic feeling doesn’t go away easily. However, I want to tell you that you shouldn’t beat yourself up for feeling this way. You aren’t alone. Dancing Snail, who has dealt with depression and lethargy for many years, conveys this idea in her book, I’m Not Lazy. I’m on Energy Saving Mode.

Now translated into English, I’m Not Lazy. I’m on Energy Saving Mode is a compelling book with many personal essays illustrating Dancing Snail’s struggles with lethargy and what she has learned. Using engaging words and illustrations, she comforts and guides readers on how to recharge themselves and handle the stress that comes with daily struggles. Throughout the book, she talks about important topics, such as:

  • how to accept the imperfections and uncertainty in life,
  • what being an adult truly means,
  • how taking things one step at a time has value, 
  • and how to let go of things beyond your control. 

So why do we love this book?

The biggest reason we love this book is that it reminds us to take of ourselves and have breaks every now and again, which can be difficult in today’s society. Honestly, I can remember many instances where I would cry and overwork myself due to school. As a student-athlete, I was pressured to maintain good grades despite training and practice. Sometimes, I would stay up late just to finish assignments or study with barely any breaks. But this wasn’t healthy at all. It often made me hate what I was doing and question whether I should just give up. If only I could’ve read this book during my time in college—I think it truly would’ve helped me better navigate through my struggles.

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Overall, I’m Not Lazy. I’m on Energy Saving Mode is a great read for every young adult out there! So give it try. Together, let’s learn that it’s okay to go into energy saving mode from time to time!


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