Soo-Hyun Kim’s I Decided to Live as Me: A Checklist to Living as Our True Selves


“Living while proving your happiness to someone 
is the most pitiful way to live." 
-   Excerpt from I Decided to Live as Me, page 243


This quote truly caught my attention as I was making my way through what I thought was a quick read. It didn’t really occur to me till then how with social media, people would only show the great moments as if they were trophies to brag about, and I realized how even I would get a bit jealous at times when I see how these people were living their lives. But that’s the thing; how can a person truly live happily when they’re in a constant state of comparing themselves to others?

This is one of the lessons taught in Soo-hyun Kim’s I Decided to Live as Me, which is a compilation of illustrated essays that aim to help readers love themselves and have an easier time navigating the “adulting process.” With over a million copies of this book sold, this book has caught the hearts of thousands of people, including idols; these idols include Jungkook of BTS, Leedo of ONEUS, JAY-B of GOT7, and many more. 

What makes this book a must-read?

After reading this book, one can think of many reasons. This book’s many essays and pieces of advice are short and easy to understand. The clear and everyday language used in this book helps people of all ages comprehend the text and its meanings without having to use a dictionary just to check a certain term. Furthermore, these pieces of advice lead to self-realizations that can enlighten and be the first stepping stones to changing our own bad habits, whether it be comparing our achievements or letting others choose for us. Some pieces of advice that the book conveys include:

  • Don’t live to meet the expectations of others.
  • Don’t blindly work hard just because you’re anxious.
  • Don’t be swayed by what others say.
  • Say goodbye to the past, and many more!

To further emphasize these key lessons, Soo-hyun Kim pairs them with simple yet relatable illustrations and comics. These illustrations often show situations that one may have personally found themselves in or key advice in a way that’s easier to absorb.

(Image taken from page 20 of I Decided to Live as Me)

For only PHP 600, you can get this collection of illustrations and advice that may just change your life for the better. Soo-hyun Kim’s I Decided to Live as Me is surely a must-read for anyone who struggles with the “adulting process” or those who are looking to start their journey toward self-acceptance and happiness. This book has something to offer to anyone, regardless of age, race, or gender. Through having an open mind and giving the effort needed to change, only then can we finally be ourselves. 


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