A Little Star Still Shines Brightly by So Yun: A Book That All Young Adults Need


“Do you ever feel lonely despite being surrounded by people?” 

“Have you ever wanted to change who you are or how you live?”

Honestly, I struggle with answering these kinds of questions.

Looking back, I experienced bouts of loneliness and questioned whether or not I was truly happy with my choices in life. Oftentimes, I hoped for someone to stay by my side and for someone to share my thoughts with. Yet, I felt that I couldn’t say these requests out loud; maybe, it was the feeling of being a burden or the fear of disappointment. What shocked me though was that I wasn’t alone in this feeling as friends and acquaintances found it difficult to connect with others, whether it was because of fear or hesitation. However, one book in particular surprisingly gave me this comfort as it said:

“Are you on my side?

 I’m on your side.”

 - Excerpt from A Little Star Still Shines Brightly, page 112

Originally published in 2021, A Little Star Still Shines Brightly, a collection of essays by South Korea’s best-selling author, So Yun, explores these sentiments and encourages readers and reminds them that just like how stars differ and have something that makes them unique, they can shine just as brightly. 

This book is perfect for those who continue to endure the hardships of everyday life and wish for words of comfort without ever having to leave their rooms. What makes this book perfect? Well, its short, easy-to-digest essays fulfill a person’s wish for a quick read while also giving them the necessary time to learn and reflect on these words about fears, relationships, and self-worth, which is great on its own.

 Even I’ve found something to reflect on in this book, and these words by So Yun remain the greatest strength of the work. In fact, it’s these essays and ideas that make it well loved by people and idols alike, including GOT7’s JAY-B, ENHYPEN's Sunoo, aespa's WINTER, IVE’s Yujin, and more. Knowing that these idols liked this book so much actually made me wonder what made this book so great.

So, what makes this book’s words so special? Well, it’s because of So Yun’s ability to illustrate how we may feel through analogies, such as love being compared to diving into deep waters, that they are able to connect with readers, especially those who struggle in verbalizing these ideas by themselves. Overall, this makes the book more appealing and relatable to the audience!

Not to mention that the book also includes amazing photos that help build on these feelings further. These photos, taken by Jazmin Granada, establish tones that impact how you read and interpret So Yun’s words. One example I can think of is how the sight of a photo that mostly uses bright reds and oranges helped emphasize So Yun’s advice of meeting someone who is warm-hearted. They also help create this sense that the author and photographer are just like you, someone who may have taken photos in the snow or sat inside a bus. 

Previously only in Korean and Indonesian, the book is now available in English. The best part is that instead of its usual price of 600 PHP, the book is on sale for 420 PHP for a limited time only! What a steal, right? Who doesn’t love a book at a good price?

All in all, I would summarize this book into one word: comfort. This is because it reminded me of a hug from a loved one or one that heals my inner child, who often struggled with loneliness. So Yun’s words of healing and self-acceptance helped me open my heart more to the people around me, and I hope their words can serve as a light tower in the dark, one that constantly reminds you that you’re not alone and that things will be okay.


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