If you look at the world upside-down,
what would it look like?

Discover stories that allow you to explore the world from a new perspective with Apop’s first ever translated collection of short stories from renowned writer Jae-hoon Won (원재훈). With each word of the book, we are invited to look from a different perspective and to realize that There Are No Bad People in The World.

Explore new philosophies and discover the wisdom hidden within each story.

What would you wish for if you were in a wish-granting house at the top of a building?

Why do we need instructions to cross Mapo Bridge (also known as Bridge of Life)?

If you were a magician bound to disappear after granting three wishes, would you still make them happen?

About the author

As a child, renowned South Korean poet, Jae-hoon Won (원재훈), had a habit of writing letters and words on his palm. Words about love, encouragement, and the different truths of life. Now these letters have become “palm stories” in There Are No Bad People in the World.

“I now want to move out of my own palm and try writing on someone else’s palm — kindness and humility on violent palms; piety and innocence on dirty palms; love and peace on brutal palms. And I hope they’d start to look at the world this way. I wish for “bridge and road” rather than “wall and fence” and this is how I endure our miserable tragic world of excessive food, jokes, and violence.”

Explore new perspectives.

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