Finally, here’s the perfect planner
for the independent and unapologetic you!

After deciding to be comfortable with our ordinary lives, it’s time to face the hectic reality of being an adult.

With English and Korean reminders from the best-selling title, I Decided To Live As Me, the I Decided To Live As Me planner  will be your go-to companion in this complicated and hectic adulting world!

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Your essential "adulting" planner for your to-do list in this indifferent world.

  • 288 pages of high quality paper
  • English and Korean quotes from the best-selling title, I Decided To Live As Me!
  • Undated monthly spreads in English and Korean too!
  • Undated weekly spreads with enough space for you to journal and scribble!
  • Color-coded monthly mood tracker
  • Weekly Priority Checklist
  • Eight pages of special notes section for your journaling!
  • Exclusive sticker sheets to personalize your planner!

Inspired by the bestselling
title from South Korea
that sold over millions around the world,
I Decided To Live As Me Planner,
now available for preorder.

Elegant hard cover.

Comes in a sleek and uncomplicated hardbound cover with a straightforward one-liner, “A planner for your adult life.” Features an aesthetically pleasing color of Azalea that will fit perfectly with your Apop collection!


Introductory note pages.

Features a two-page grid-lined layout, dedicated to your goals, scribbles, and thoughts. This page is for what you aim for, enjoy and write down through your journey of having an organized, ordinary life in a complicated world of adulting.

The perfect partner for your reflections in life,
musings as an adult in this complicated world, your achievements, goals, plans, words of affirmation, and everything in between while reading I Decided To Live As Me!

288 pages; printed using soft white 100gsm paper

English and Korean quotes from I Decided To Live as Me.

Special page of heartfelt illustration and reminders from the bestselling book, I Decided To Live As Me, written in English and Korean, to help you as you wander through adulting.

Monthly spread and mood tracker.

Features a color-coded monthly mood tracker, days of the week in English and Korean, and a special column for important dates, events and remarkable anecdotes in your life.

Undated weekly spread layout.

Features blank, vertical columns for your appointments, schedules
and important notes to remember in your daily life.


I Decided To-Do Checklist.

A checklist for your priority tasks of the week for an efficient, healthy and organized adult life.

Eight (8) pages just for your special notes.

Dedicated spreads for your daily musings, favorite lines from I Decided To Live As Me (and other Apop books), and checklists trackers.

Nifty back pocket!

For your memorabilia, sticker stash, and washi tape samplers.

Get the “I Decided To Live As Me” planner
and be in track of your goals and plans.

It’s time to be comfortable with your ordinary life. Be efficient. Be organized. Be on-track. Be yourself.

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2021