Top 3 Book Recommendations for Valentine's Day

💘 Happy Valentine’s Day, Chingus! 💘 Are you feeling the love in the air, or are you one of those people who decided to celebrate being single? 

This February is all about love: love for yourself, love for your significant other, and just love. To honor this love month, we wanna talk about our top book recommendations that can help you navigate this special emotion. 😍

Here are our top 3 recommendations for this year’s Valentine’s day:

1. Yearning For Home While I'm at Home


Yearning for Home While I’m at Home by Ra-bin Kwon is perfect for those who haven’t quite met their one and only. Ra-bin Kwon shares pieces of her life through raw and honest essays accompanied by wonderful illustrations made by Oh Jeong. 

2. Every Moment Was You


As another best-selling title that won the 2018 YES 24 Book of the Year Award, Every Moment Was You by Tae-Wan Ha encourages readers to think about and find joy in the moments found in everyday life and love. With its heartwarming advice, this book hopes to comfort the readers and capture their hearts. With its beautiful words and illustrations, it’s no wonder that this book has been used and spotted in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and a musical adaptation starring Heo Young Saeng and SPICA’s Jiwon.

3. I See You Like I See a Flower 


This book is a collection of sentimental poems written by Na Tae Joo and has been spotted in famous K-Dramas, A Poem A Day, Encounter, and School 2013. With topics such as love, happiness, longing, and sadness, this book will surely tug on your heartstrings and help you find beauty in the little things. 

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