Like a Lotus: I’m Not Lazy. I’m on Energy-Saving Mode.

It’s hard sometimes to feel good about ourselves when we’re constantly being compared to others. And these comparisons could be about anything: our face, weight, body type, achievements, lives, etc. This cycle never ends! 

In the past, I remember feeling so bad about myself. Compared to my classmates who were working in government jobs or getting married, I was still single and in a job that I didn’t really love. At the time, I wondered why I was still stuck in the same place and why I couldn’t move forward. 

Just like what Dancing Snail says in I’m Not Lazy. I’m on Energy Saving Mode, we shouldn’t feel too pressured to rush ourselves or compare our growth to that of others. everyone grows and learns at their own pace, so it’s useless to think that we can be like everyone else. So don’t fret or worry. Instead, remember that we’re like a lotus that’s constantly growing and waiting to bloom.