I Decided to Live as Me: The Best Christmas Gift of 2022!



It’s that time of year again! With Christmas right around the corner, I’m sure some of you are already hunting for gifts to give. But some of you might find yourselves struggling to find the best give—just like me. Let me tell you—it isn’t easy to find the perfect gift. So here’s an idea to consider: Why not get your friends, family members, and fellow lovers of anything Korean a copy of I Decided to Live as Me?

Here are the reasons why I think that this book is the best Christmas present of the season:

1. You get to learn a lot about adulting and life

In this fast-paced world where hustle culture is on the rise, being an adult is challenging. I remember struggling so much right after graduating and wishing for someone to give me advice, not just for things like taxes. I wished for someone to help me whenever I was worried about the future or when I focused too much on making those around me happy. This book, unlike others in the market, serves as a guide and checklist to becoming an adult, one who’s happy and content with their life. Throughout its many parts, the book gives advice on how to survive and live through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which is something that every person should hear every now and then. 

2.  Find comfort in the author’s experiences and words

Sometimes, we long for someone who understand us or who's willing to listen to our troubles and say, “It’s okay.” But despite all the advancements in technology, we often find ourselves with no one to turn to. So we end up dealing with our problems on our own. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just vent our frustrations and magically receive answers to all our problems? 

Although this book isn’t a magic conch shell that gives us all the answers in life, it does provide some form of enlightenment. Some time ago, I remember feeling so burnt out due to work as there were times when working overtime would be the norm. As I was reading this book, I personally found myself being comforted by the author’s words and in knowing that just like me, she too has felt tired yet struggled to tell others. Learning how she has managed to overcome various hardships inspires me. And I think others would feel the same. 

3. It’s a product that also acts as merch 

It’s no surprise that Soo-Hyun Kim’s I Decided to Live as Me has become a bestseller not just in South Korea but in other countries as well—like Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Not only have its words touched the hearts of ordinary citizens but idols as well. That’s right! Many idols have read and recommended this book, making it a recommended piece of Korean merchandise. Some idols that have read this book include BTS’s Jungkook, GOT7’s Jay B, ONEUS’s Leedo, and more! And with its affordable price, who wouldn’t say no to it?

4. It’ll help you become the best version of yourself

The last reason, and most important in my opinion, why this book is a great gift is that it helps readers become the best version of themselves. Soo-Hyun Kim—through her illustrations and words—gives advice on how not to get swayed by others’ opinions or expectations. That’s because living and being happy as ourselves is the most important thing to do.

This holiday season, why don’t you gift your friends a copy of Soo-Hyun Kim’s I Decided to Live as Me? With its light-hearted and comforting tone, this book will surely surprise and be a source of comfort for any of its readers. So why don’t we spend this Christmas spreading the love of reading and showing our friends, families, and coworkers the importance of loving ourselves?