I Decided + Being Comfortable Bundle (Best sellers by Kim Soo-hyun)

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Being Comfortable without Effort

Published: 2020 (original), 2021 (english version)
Language: English
296 pages | 500 grams | 6 by 7.5 inches

I Decided to Live as Me
Published: 2016 (original), 2020 (english version)
Language: English 
292 pages | 500 grams | 6 by 7.5 inches

The first ever English translations of "I Decided to Live as Me" and "Being Comfortable without Effort. Both made by the best selling Korean self-help author & illustrator Kim Soo-hyun. These books teach you to love yourself for who you are, to understanding that loving others means loving yourself first, and that what matters most is to always be true to yourself. Order now to get ultimate guides to the world of adulting.

Written and illustrated by Soo Hyun Kim
Translated by Ma. Kristina Carla Rico & Kyungmin Bae

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